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  • Congrats to Dr. Yang!

    Check out Prof. Yang's new book, Faked in China: Nation Branding, Counterfeit Culture, and Globalization!
    Posted: February 11, 2016 3:09 PM
  • Internship Opportunity!
    Posted: November 18, 2015 5:15 PM
  • An excerpt from Dr. Yang's upcoming book!

    Check out an excerpt from Dr. Yang's upcoming book, Faked in China!
    Posted: October 30, 2015 9:51 AM
  • Way to go Stefanie '12!

    Congrats Stefanie!
    Posted: October 7, 2015 1:33 PM
  • Great ethnographic piece by Dr. Peake!

    Great piece on the sound of political conflict and the problem of politics when nobody is listening to anyone else. Our own Professor Bryce Peake is listening and you will too if you click on...
    Posted: October 7, 2015 1:29 PM
  • New Article by Dr. Adelman!

    Check out Dr. Adelman's new post on Antenna!:
    Posted: September 23, 2015 9:32 AM
  • MCS Fall 2015 Faculty Office Hours

    See attached flyer for faculty contact information and fall 2015 office hours.
    Posted: August 28, 2015 9:55 AM
  • A new journal article by Dr. Yang!

    Check out Dr. Yang's new publication, A Bite of China: Food, Media, and the Televisual Negotiation of National Difference.
    Posted: July 29, 2015 5:08 PM
  • Behind the Scenes with Shanae Cole '13

    Great job Shanae!
    Posted: June 24, 2015 10:56 AM
  • A New Article by Dr. Adelman!

    A new article by Dr. Adelman:
    Posted: May 19, 2015 5:13 PM