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Student Profile: Anasia Mickle

A Lightbulb Moment

by Dan Glennon

Photo Credit:Anasia Mickle

Meet Anasia Mickle! She is a junior (senior at the end of this semester) and a transfer student into the MCS department! After finding inspiration from a movie, Anasia knew that this was the right department for her!

  1. So tell us about yourself! Where are you from? How would you describe yourself? What year are you? Interests? Hobbies? Do any of them directly connect to MCS? 

    1. My name is Anasia and I am a Maryland native! I love to sing, dance, and read. I am a transfer student who is going to graduate next year. If I could describe myself I'd probably just say I'm sincere. I believe in always being honest, and everything that I do comes from a good place. 

  2. Did you have a "lightbulb moment" when you realized MCS was for you?

    1. I graduated from Howard Community College last December and I wasn't really sure what I wanted to major in when I looked at 4-year schools. I was looking online at the majors that UMBC offers and I noticed that UMBC was very humanities-based, and I did so well in my humanities classes at HCC that I just knew that this was a major to consider! I then looked around to see what I could do with an MCS degree and Marketing came up multiple times. I kept this in the back of my head and applied to UMBC. During this time I watched Emily In Paris where she has her Masters in Marketing and I just loved what she did. That was when I decided that MCS was the major that I wanted to pursue. 

  3. Is there a particular piece of media (a certain film, show, etc) that you look at differently after being in the MCS program? Are there any types of media you look at differently as a whole?

    1. I think that I personally look at all media differently. When big corporations post, I am now thinking about what in that post made it reach me. Why is this TikTok doing so well? How could I get my TikTok to do well?

  4. Do you know what job you'd like to start your career with? What aspirations do you have? Dream big and don't confine yourself to "where do you see yourself in five years?"

    1. I currently work at Howard Community College as an Apprenticeship Advisor and Outreach Specialist so my career has technically started but, if I could pick a job that I would use my MCS degree for it would be being a Lead Social Media marketer for a small company that's social media is lacking. 

  5. How are you managing this semester so far?

    1. I think that I am managing this semester pretty well! This is only my second full semester here (I took a couple of summer classes) and I think that I really have a groove now when it comes to my classes. 

  6. Do you have any advice for incoming MCS students?

    1. My advice would be, that if you are considering, just go for it! This major can open so many doors for you because it is so versatile! People are always looking for people who can either market them or communicate well which is needed in many different professions. 

  7. If you had to convince someone to join the MCS department in three sentences or less, what would you say? 

    1. If I had to convince someone to join the MCS department I would say that if you're all about making videos and telling awesome stories, a media and communications major is your jam. It could lead to a job where you get paid for doing stuff you love. 

  8. Are you currently engaging with media beyond being a consumer while you are still in school?

    1. While pursuing this major, I took it upon myself to use the skills that I've learned and I am now helping a company called WCAuto with their social media marketing.

  9.  Do you have an internship or have one lined up?

    1. I am currently a social media marketing intern for a company called Super Purposes!

Posted: March 1, 2024, 11:36 AM