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Advising for MCS Students

If you plan to graduate in December, 2018, please visit the MCS Senior Advising page – if you are not planning to graduate in December, 2018 please follow the steps below to receive advising with MCS:

1. Please review your degree audit and complete the MCS Advising Sheet, noting requirements that are “not satisfied.” Effective Spring 2017, all students must complete their MCS Advising Sheet prior to being advised, and you must bring this document to your appointment.  If you arrive unprepared for your appointment, your advisor will not be able to work with you, and so will ask you to reschedule on the MCS Advising Calendar.  Depending on the availability of appointments, you may not be able to reschedule for a time before your registration window opens.

2. Review the schedule of classes to determine which specific courses you plan to take next semester and record them at the bottom of your advising sheet. *The Fall 2018 schedule of classes will be published on March 26, 2018 so you will not be able to fully complete this step until then*

3. Determine your appointed registration date and time. Your registration appointment is based on the number of earned credit hours only and does not include coursework in which you are currently enrolled. For example, if your total credit count is 90 and you are currently enrolled in 15 credits (denoted by the yellow diamond in the “Status” column), your registration appointment is based on the 75 earned credits that you have (90-15=75).

4. Advising for Fall 2018 semester will begin on Monday, April 2nd. Students who have less than 60 total credits (including credits from coursework you are currently enrolled in) by the end of Spring 2018 are required to sign up for group advising. Group Advising will take place in the MCS Mac Lab (FA 418). We hope that advising students in small groups will help to improve advising quality and ensure that freshman and sophomore students are on the same page regarding requirements for the major. MCS is offering a total of six group advising sessions with a capacity of 20 students in each session. Sign up sheets for all sessions are now available on the bulletin board outside the Fine Arts 418 (MCS MAC Lab). Click here to access the PowerPoint presentation used in group advising.

5. If you have 60 or more total credits by the end of Spring 2018, then click here to schedule an appointment. You are required to bring the completed MCS Advising Sheet to your advising appointment – if you come to your advising appointment without the completed MCS Advising Sheet, you will be asked to reschedule. Please make sure your Google calendar is set to Eastern Standard Time BEFORE making an appointment. If you have a hold on your account, please DO NOT WAIT until you resolve the hold to make an advising appointment; while there is nothing we can do regarding the hold, we can still clear you to register for courses.

6. Show up to your advising appointment!

7. If you are advised to take a course that requires departmental permission, please follow the instructions below.

8. If you fail or withdraw from courses that you are currently enrolled in AFTER your advising appointment, your schedule for next semester may be impacted.