MCS Student Showcase

Welcome to the MCS Student Showcase page! This is a collection of media created by various MCS students for jobs, classes, and personal projects. We are very proud to represent our students’ work!

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All about the capstone project:
videos by MCS students from MCS 480 Producing a Media Campaign (Spring ’23)

Videos by Ajel Balan and Spencer Derrenberger


Behind the Scenes of a UMBC Basketball Broadcast

Created by MCS student Jadyn Spradlin for the MCS Department through MCS 480 Producing a Media Campaign. This video goes behind the scenes of a UMBC Basketball broadcast and shows important role students play in producing each broadcast.

Communications, Climate, Composting: A Video Project

Funded through an Alumni TIES small grant from the U.S. Department of State and led by Dr. Bill Shewbridge of Media & Communication Studies and Dr. Susan Sterret of Public Policy.  In the fall of 2022 students in MCS 395 Television Production and MCS 495 Video Ethnography partnered with the UMBC Climate Action Steering Committee (CASC), and the South Baltimore Community Land Trust (SBCLT), to create a series of short videos on waste and composting. SBCLT defines itself as “working to create permanently affordable housing, development without displacement and zero waste in Baltimore.”

Students: Colin Grayson, Will Henrickson, Lien Hoang, Andrew Hollander, Shahbano Hussain, Nick Ivey, Ben Magder, Ha Mang, Damilola Ojikutu, Lily Stevens, Kara Ung, Parker Vogel, Michael Washington, Tasayeh Nickens, Ruy Benfica, Matthew Green, Levi Lewis, Pranav Pigilam


Baltimore City Office of the Inspector General Annual Report

Sophia Blackwell, ‘23

The 2022 Annual Report for the Baltimore City Office of the Inspector General, outlining the organization’s goals, yearly highlights, statistics, and more.

Click here to see the report.


Ben Magder’s Business Cards

Ben Magder, ’23

A personal business card designed for a fictional brand, as part of an assignment. Designed in Adobe Illustrator using skills learned from Professor Anchor’s summer class, MCS 377: Making Visual Culture.

Thriving? Or Surviving

Ben Magder, ’23

Three-part photo story photographed, edited, and compiled for MCS 377. Created using Adobe Photoshop skills from the class to retouch each photo into a story told strictly through the composition.


The Time I Played the G.O.A.T.

Ben Magder, ’23

A fictionalized narrative written, produced, and edited for Professor Madden’s MCS 366: Podcasting class. The story was created by three members for a group project. The narrative is based on a true story from one of the members, tracking his adventure through a card tournament in Boston. There was heavy focus on dramatizing the content into a professional production complete with sound effects, audio refinement, and voice acting.


SGA Make Your Mark Scholars Video

Ava Sekowski, ’24

Working with the SGA as the videographer and photographer, Ava helped organize, film, and edit videos of the SGA Make Your Mark Scholarship recipients. Here is one of her four videos.


“The Wrong Address”: A Digital Story

Theo Reinert, ‘23

A digital narrative about depression, mental health, and the future.


“Looking in the Mirror”: Fall and Spring Flyers

Fiona Rowan, ‘23

Promotional flyers for the 2022-2023 “Looking in the Mirror” series, a campus-wide professional development workshop on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility.

Rowan Athletics Business Cards

Fiona Rowan, ‘23

Personal business cards designed as part of MCS 377: Making Visual Culture.

Tell It Avs It Is: A Colorado Avalanche Podcast

Griffin Youngs, ‘23

A bi-weekly hockey podcast covering the NHL team the Colorado Avalanche, hosted by MCS senior Griffin Youngs and co-host Christian Bolle. Tell it Avs It Is is a top five Avalanche podcast in the state of Colorado, and top 100 in the country.