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Student Profile: Lindsey Gonzalez

A Look into the Life of an MCS Senior

By: Stephanie Marceron

Photo Credit: Shanez Ramos

Meet Lindsey Gonzalez! She is a MCS senior graduating in the spring semester of 2024. I met up with Lindsey to ask her a few questions about what it is like to be an MCS senior and what her internship at the RAC has been like this semester? She also gave more insight on what she wants to do after she graduates as well as her capstone project. We finished off the interview with a piece of advice she would give to juniors who are about to start their senior year and wish to succeed with as little stress as possible! 

What is your major and minor?

 “I am majoring in Media and Communication Studies and Minoring in Psychology.”

What is the internship that you are doing on campus?

 “My internship is at the UMBC Recreation and I help assist in marketing and promotion of all the UMBC Recreation programs and services such as the fitness and wellness, club sports, intramural sports, open recreation and physical education. I also collaborate with campus recreations professionals and student employees to assist in executing a marketing plan.”

What have you done so far in your internship?

“What I have done so far in my internship is interview students and record and post FitDawg of the week every week on instagram and instagram reels on the @umbcrec instagram account and also polls. I photographed and took videos for the PAC the RAC Event, the fitness and wellness classes such as Core Yoga with Erica, Zumba with Ashley B., and Cycling with Joella. The other things I have done so far in my internship is the Intramural sports such as the Outdoor Soccer (7v7) Playoffs on the 19th of October, Laps with Chip on October 4th, The Grad Student Fest on October 11th, and the tabling events at the commons terrace on September 13th.”

What have you learned from it?

“What I have learned so far from my internship is creating print publications such as posters, fliers, and social media posts and making content for the UMBC Recreation. Getting out of my comfort zone with talking to people for interviews for FitDawg of the week, attending events such as the PAC the RAC event and Outdoor Soccer talking with students and staff and taking photographs for future content, learning much more about editing instagram reels, video content, managing and updating photos and videos from the events throughout the year. I also learned how to edit videos and make unique social media posts which made me realize that I love editing videos, making social media posts, promoting and marketing as well during my time through this internship.”

How do you think it has helped you figure out what you want to do after graduation?

“I think this internship did actually help me figure out what I want to do after graduation because I really love making content for social media, make a marketing plan, a pre-event, and post-event plan for any future projects and attending special events.”

What career you wish to pursue and how will you utilize the skills you have learned from MCS in these future endeavors? 

“The career I wish to pursue is a graphic designer or a events and social media coordinator. How I will utilize the skills I have learned from MCS for my future ventures is by being proficient on Adobe Photoshop, IIIustrator, InDesign, Adobe Express, and Canva. Communicate and collaborate effectively, sharing feedback, accepting constructive criticism, always managing your own time, prioritizing tasks, and meeting deadlines. Having strong copywriting and copy editing skills, oral and verbal communication skills, time management skills with the ability to multitask as well.”

What is your capstone project about?

“My Capstone is about the negative tourism of Chernobyl because I’m interested in how social media representation affects the rise of popularity of historical issues such as the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 and the possible dangers for the tourists through visiting the exclusion zone in Pripyat, Ukraine throughout the years.”

If you had a piece of advice for juniors as they move into their senior year, what would it be?

“My piece of advice for juniors as they move into their senior year is to stay connected and network with MCS professors, and students in your major because once you graduate you will never know if you are going to see any MCS alumni in the career you want to be in and may need a letter of recommendation as well from your MCS Professors. Another thing is to take internships in the specific career field you are interested in, make a portfolio based on past projects throughout your time at UMBC and have a professional resume and cover letter as well. Congrats for the upcoming seniors & your senior year is going to be fun but time is going to fly fast but enjoy every minute of it.”

Posted: November 30, 2023, 1:47 PM