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Alumni Spotlight: Chloe Love Obispo, ‘22

By: Louna Temsah 

Photo Credit: Chloe Love Obispo 

Meet Chloe! A UMBC MCS and softball alumni. Chloe discusses new career opportunities and her current roles after graduation.  

Could you tell us about yourself ?

I graduated from UMBC in 2022 with a B.A. in Media and Communication Studies and a minor in Psychology. During my time at UMBC, I interned as a Social Media Manager for the UMBC Division of Professional Studies and interned in Sports TV Broadcasting for UMBC Athletics.

Ever since I began my studies in Media and Communication Studies, I realized how much of a "big picture" thinker I am and how much I love when a brand has a strong foundation in who they are, what they provide, what they embody, and how they project that in their storytelling. After realizing this, I knew that I wanted to take my shot at a career that allowed me to work for big name brands.

After graduating UMBC, I began my entry-level career as a Marketing Coordinator at Live! Entertainment and Hospitality Districts at the Waterside District location in Norfolk, VA. More recently, I just finished a project with the Norfolk Tides, the Triple-A Affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles and landed a new position as Marketing and Communications Manager at DICK'S Sporting Goods - House of Sport.

 What does a typical day in your life look like?

A typical day in my life as a coordinator was weekly meetings with the marketing team, which included conversations about upcoming events and concerts coming up and how we can creatively market and promote those events through our channels.

After meetings, we break up into who is working on what. When you work in the entertainment industry, there's a lot of things happening continuously, so it's extremely important to communicate duties, divide, and conquer! 

After figuring out which projects are mine, I begin market research and industry trend research, brainstorming content ideas for social media, creating email marketing campaigns, brainstorming sales building offers, and outreach to local businesses.

Also, day-of events are super cool! We'd have a large-scale of about 2,000 people and some that are small with about 100 people. Working those events like concerts, food festivals, and more are extremely fun and rewarding to see all of your planning unfold!

What is it that you do now and what is your role?

I am finishing up my role as a Marketing Coordinator at Live! and am transitioning into my new role as Marketing and Communications Manager at DICK'S Sporting Goods - House of Sport where I will be in charge of all-things marketing and promotions for the brand and partnered events.

If you could go back to the time you came into UMBC as an MCS major, is there anything different you would do?

If I could go back to that time, I definitely would have started my MCS major a lot earlier. I was someone who was extremely indecisive and made decisions based on other peoples' vision for my career versus what I actually wanted for myself.

Starting MCS 2 years later ultimately set me back and I had to play catch-up for a little, but the grit and determination to be great in the field is what got me to where I am now.

How has MCS been of help towards your career?

Media and Communications has allowed me to become the professional I've always wanted to grow into. Before changing my career path to it, I was an extremely shy, reserved, and soft spoken individual with a lot on her mind with no way to express it. As I've said, I am a "big picture" thinker, so being able to switch to a more creative space as a career has allowed me to really grow into a strong writer, speaker, creative, innovative forward-thinker, and storyteller.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career so far definitely has been this past weekend- we had 2 sold out large events in one weekend and we couldn't be more proud of the work we put forth to drive so many sales and bring revenue to our District!

Not only that, but the opportunity to start a new position with a big brand that I truly love and grew up on is an exciting feeling for me. Also, being able to really network and build my portfolio/resume with incredible experiences has been great. I think that every little step is a new highlight and I just have continued successful visions for myself and the brands that I build and represent. I just can't wait to have more career highlights in the future!


Posted: May 24, 2023, 4:59 PM