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Student Profile: Gwen Pacis

By: Rose Crame
Photo Credit: Gwen Pacis

Gwen Pacis is a junior majoring in both Psychology and MCS (Media and Communication Studies) at UMBC. Gwen's college career so far is a testament to how the blend of academic rigor and personal interests can lead to an individualistic college experience. This is an insight into Gwen's world of animation, creative exploration, and the influence of media and communication studies on her life.

Q: What's your name, year, and major?
A: My name is Gwen Pacis, and I'm a junior pursuing both Psychology and MCS!

Q: You've shown a passion for animation. Where did that start?
A: Although middle school was the definite point in time where I attempted to act on that passion, my love and passion for it started when I was much younger. The fact I was able to make the stories I created in my head
move in my art was so fulfilling (and a bit frustrating leading up to it).

Q: How has the MCS department allowed you to explore creatively?
A: MCS as a whole has allowed me to integrate my previous experience in digital art and video editing into the
assignments I'm given while also allowing me to improve on these skills. I'm given a lot of freedom in how I want to express the ideas I want and am able to receive valuable feedback in return.

Q: What are projects you've been working on recently?
A: Currently in my social media networking class (MCS 355), I'm making a marketing plan for a local video game store that I've gone to since I was younger. As for more personal projects, I am in the process of drawing
a digital art piece for a tournament occurring in the near future and creating personal videos involving me and my friends.

Q: Favorite MCS class and why?
A: I loved MCS 144 a lot despite the challenges it came with. It forced me out of my comfort zone with the work it had. However, it also pushed me to improve on myself and be bolder in seizing opportunities when they're

Q: What is your favorite piece of media?
A: This is a really hard question, but if I had to choose, it would probably be Pokemon. It's a piece of media I always return to for not only the games but also the shows due to the styles it uses in all of its spinoffs. Also, I
love the stories and characters I've grown up with.

Q: If you could choose one piece of media that changed the impact of your life, what would it be?
A: One piece of media that changed the impact of my life would probably be Vocaloid. A lot of my favorite music artists since I was in elementary still affect me today and are included in the work I do due to the
meanings behind the songs I love. Without it, I wouldn't be able to grow how I incorporate all kinds of media
elements into my work to send the emotional messages I felt beforehand.

Q: How do you want your work to impact others?
A: Whenever I make my work, I really want to encourage others to also make work that makes them happy. I also want those who interact with my work to really feel the emotions portrayed in it.

Q: What about MCS makes you feel confident in it as a major?
A: As mentioned before, MCS really pushes people in it to improve upon themselves—especially in speaking up. Without how interactive and knowledgeable it is in how our world is ever-changing at a rapid rate, I think I
would not be able to be the person I am right now than I was in the beginning.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
A: Aside from doing art and a little video editing, I still love playing video games and hanging out with friends when I can!

Q: Tell me a fun fact about you!
A: I have so many original characters and their stories that I love to talk about since they've been with me since I was younger!

Gwen Pacis's journey through college is a testament to the power of passion and creativity through academic exploration. Her love for animation, influenced by media like Pokemon and Vocaloid, has shaped her path and
allowed her to express herself creatively from a young age till now. Equipped with the MCS department and resources, Gwen has the tools and freedom to explore her interests and grow as an artist and individual. She
hopes her work will inspire others to find joy in their creative pursuits, just as she has. With a bright future and a commitment to self-improvement, Gwen Pacis exemplifies incredible potential.

Posted: December 12, 2023, 12:05 PM