MCS Certificate

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The certificate is 25 credits, divided as follows:

CORE COURSES (22 credits)
Course Number Course Name
MCS 101 Media Literacy (no prerequisite)
MCS 144 Professional Communication and Development (no prerequisite)
MCS 222 Introduction to Media & Communication Studies (no prerequisite)
MCS 333 History and Theory of Mass Communication and Media Studies (prerequisite is 222)
MCS 334 Media, Communication and Globalization (prerequisite is 101 OR 222)
MCS 399 Methods in Media and Communication Studies (prerequisite is 101 AND 222)
MCS 404 Internship (prerequisite is 144)

ELECTIVE CREDITS (3 credits from):

Course Number Course Name
MCS 345 Virtual Ethnography and Digital Life
MCS 355 Social Media: Networking and Mobility
MCS 360 Internet Video Production
MCS 370 Special Topics in Media and Communication Studies
MCS 377 Desktop Publishing and the Web
MCS 388 Modern Public Relations
MCS 395 Television Production Techniques I
MCS 484 Media Production Fellows
MLL 406 Theory and History of Intercultural Media
MLL 495 Video Ethnography


If you declared your MCS certificate prior to May 31, 2018, please follow the Pre-2018 Curriculum.


Additional Information:

  • A “C” or better is required in all courses applied toward the major.
  • A total of 9 credits towards the completion of the certificate may be “double counted” towards the completion of an additional major, minor, or certificate.
  • A knowledge of at least one foreign language and familiarity with foreign cultures are important for understanding media and communications under the conditions of globalization in the 21st century. Beyond the language and culture requirements of the General Education Program, therefore, MCS students are strongly encouraged to study a foreign language to at least the 202 level (with appropriate exemptions made for native speakers of languages other than English). Study abroad is also strongly encouraged, for it can provide not only understanding of another culture but also important perspectives on U.S. culture and media.

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