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Internships with SSA!

Check out fellow MCSer Marissa Piegols'  blog post about her summer internship experience with the Office of External Relations within the Office of the Inspector General at Social Security Administration. Here's a quote from the post:

"On the surface, an unpaid internship at the Social Security Administration might sound boring to someone with aspirations of working at a company like Google or Apple. You might be surprised at how much SSA can offer you in terms of valuable experience and learning opportunities! Regardless of the office you work for, I strongly believe that with an open mind and a good attitude, any internship with SSA will be an experience you will never regret."

Marissa has informed me that they are currently "looking for applicants with strong writing and/or graphic design or video editing skills." She has also kindly offered to pass along your resume to her contact there. Please email her at marissa5@umbc.edu if you are interested.

Posted: October 28, 2013, 9:28 AM