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Spring 2021 Advising for Fall 2021

  1. Virtual advising will begin the week of March 22, 2021.
  2. We have divided students among the faculty members and you will receive an email from your assigned advisor in late March or early April. We require that you submit a completed advising sheet (New Curriculum , New Curriculum Word/ Old Curriculum, Old Curriculum Word) to your designated advisor via email. They will reach out to you via email, phone or WebEx if there is an issue with your advising sheet. If not, they will give you permission for Fall 2021. Certificate students should complete the appropriate form (Old Curriculum / New Curriculum).
  3. Additionally, please note we do not require students to submit a permission request forms for 333, 399, and 499. Due to limited seating, we request that you enroll in 499 during your last semester at UMBC.
  4. MCS 404: We are aware of the challenges faced by our students concerning securing internships during the pandemic. If you have a verified internship, please complete the google form. If you have concerns because you are planning to graduate next semester but haven’t completed the requirement, please reach out to Professor Snyder by email. He will be working with students to make sure this requirement doesn’t become an issue holding students back from graduating. Also be aware that MCS 404 is listed as a hybrid course. Most of the work will be completed asynchronously, but students will have the opportunity to meet in person twice during the semester (Dates and times to be determined). Any student not comfortable meeting in person will be able to make that work up asynchronously.
  5. MCS 404 – Please fill out the MCS 404 Permission Request Form and you will be notified when you are given permission.