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Advising and Requirements


Before registering for classes on their appointed day/time for the coming semester, students are required to meet with an academic advisor each semester in order to receive advising clearance.  Media and Communication Studies does not assign students to a specific advisor; students may sign up to meet with any advisor they choose.

MCS has set up a Google calendar with the available appointments for all MCS advisors. In order to sign up for an appointment you need to first sign in to your myUMBC account, make sure you are connected to the Google system, and then click the following link: MCS Advising Calendar.  After navigating to the desired day, select the appointment you would like, and click “Save.”

If at your advising appointment your advisor recommends taking MCS 333 or 404 in the fall semester, please request permission for those courses via our google forms: form for 333 and form for 404.

When appointments are made available on the calendar each advising season, you will receive an e-mail from Abigail Granger via the MCS e-mail list.  If you are not subscribed to the MCS list proc, please e-mail Abigail at to be added.

* Please, only sign up for one appointment.
* If you can’t make the appointment you signed up for, please make sure you go to your Google calendar to cancel the appointment, and be sure to “Notify all guests.”
* Please make sure you are making the appointment on your own myUMBC account. This ensures that your information auto populates into the advising appointment. If it does not auto populate then please make sure to add your name to the appointment.
*Please make a note of the time of your appointment (it will automatically update your Google calendar but you have to add notifications) and who it is with.  Please also check that your calendar is set to Eastern Standard Time.
*Appointments will be open on a first come first serve basis to all current and potential Media and Communication Studies majors and certificate students.
*Please make an advising appointment that is before, but close to your registration appointment. This enables us to give you the best possible advising. Determine your registration appointment here: Registration Appointment.  Your registration appointment is based on the number of credits you have completed (not counting credits in progress).
*Please review your degree audit in advance of your advising appointment so that you are familiar with the requirements you have left to fulfill. Schedule Planner is also a great tool to assist students in selecting their best possible schedule.

Degree and Certificate Overview

In a time when communication technologies are increasingly digital, interactive, and global, participation in the public sphere requires critical engagement across a range of media, genres, and cultural contexts. UMBC’s Media and Communication Studies Department represents an innovative and interdisciplinary response to this need. The Department offers students theoretical and practical encounters with dynamic and complex changes in communication, culture, and knowledge. The core of the curriculum emphasizes reading, composition, and reflection within the liberal arts tradition.

Our curriculum focuses on communication skills, a critical understanding of the media, and the use of relevant new technologies. Media and Communication Studies comprises critical media literacy, intercultural communication, and new media and applied communication to prepare students to enter the communities and workplaces of the 21st century.

The Media and Communication Studies Department offers a major and an undergraduate certificate.  Access their requirements via the menu bar to the left or above. 

MCS Pathways Document

The MCS Pathways document provides a suggested semester-by-semester academic plan of action for freshman and transfer students. The Pathways document outlines one possible course progression specific to the completion of a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication Studies at UMBC.  Please note that the suggested MCS Pathways document is not intended to serve as an official articulation agreement.